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Our platform we use at Wealthy Affiliate is the best open-source content management system ever-Wordpress.


We help you with increasing the UX, or user experience on your site with tutorial, videos, and audio training. People won't stay on a site that's hard to navigate.


You can't do affiliate marketing without this crucial ingredient-content. We teach you how to write, record, and develope engaging content.

We're Pretty Good at these things too

Real time stats

Site Health monitoring, content quality and monitoring. Site trust. They let you know if your site isn't functioning right. Many factors go into Google ranking metrix and we make sure you are hitting them all.

Multilingual & translatable

We have a diverse community of people from all over the world. On many other work at home learning platforms not speaking English is a barrier to entry-not here!

Less plugins needed

You don't need a lot of plugins to have a great website. Be a minimalist when it comes to plugins-they can make your site slow to respond. Let us tell you which ones you need.

Amazingly responsive

You'll love the way you can get answers easily. You can get website feedback and comments too. This will help you a lot

Community builder

We have a very encouraging group of people in our community-when you succeed we succeed also. You can post questions or look up training tutorials that someone else wrote answering your problem.

Easy to use interface

I love the fact that this affiliate marketing training platform is very easy to use for the newbie. Don't be afraid to ask questions as everyone is very supportive.

We Can Help You With...

Design 97%
Content 98%
WordPress 100%
Backend 88%

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