Is MOBE A Scam Or Legit? My Review

Is MOBE A Scam Or Legit? My Review

I got this e-mail in my spam for a company called MOBE and I decided to look more into it. In this review, we will discuss this work-from-home part-time job opportunity. I’ll let you know the answer to the question ” Is MOBE A Scam Or Legit? “, and then leave it up to you to decide whether it is for you or not. It has good points and bad points as you’ll see.

MOBE Review

Name: MOBE MTTB And 21 Step System
Price:$68.95+ $19.95/month + upsells up to $64,000!
Owners: Matt Lloyd
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100

Who Is Matt Lloyd?

Matt Lloyd is the CEO and founder of Mobe. In his story, he talks about how he started off just like many other people. He grew up a farmer in Australia and was not one of those who inherited money from some rich uncle. Instead, Matt Lloyd became a con artist and started MOBE to rip unsuspecting people off for their hard-earned cash. That escalated quickly, didn’t it?

He sounds sincere in his videos on Youtube designed to amp you up. It’s his actions once you pay him is where his true colors seem to come out. Before you just dismiss me as a hater I will point out that some of the good things going for this system.

Some of the things in his system are pretty good such as a weekly radio program featuring a guy talking about a lot of important things like getting your mindset right, setting good goals, practicing thankfulness, and other important facets getting your head right.

The rest of the system is garbage and not worth the thousands of dollars that they charge. He does a lot of free seminars too, but once you get to a free one it is around $430 for a trip to another supposedly in-depth one.

How do I know Mr. Lloyd is a scam BS artist?

Let’s discuss what his 21 step system is for a start. The 21 Step System of MOBE is a series of more than 21 videos. You pay so much for the videos up to a certain point and then they make you pay more money to advance to watch the next set of videos.

Why don’t they let you pay your $50 and get all the video training you paid for? That’s what makes me think it is a scam of huge proportions. They must not stand behind their product very much either if they feel they have to squeeze you in their 21 Step System. I don’t have a huge amount of experience in internet marketing, but I feel like if you ask for someone to buy a product they should get the whole product. Not just a fraction of it. Don’t you agree?

Is Affiliate Marketing Deads MOBE 21 Step System Overview

Is Mobe A Scam Or Legit? It is a scam in my opinion for various reasons. Whenever you enter MTTB(My Top Tier Business) which is the first product MOBE sells you are automatically entered into the 21 Step Course. You have to contact a coach on Skype and pay $1200 or so I don’t remember the exact amount and he/she has to unlock the next set of instructional videos.

According to the Better Business Bureau, it is also a hassle getting your money back from them if you decide that it isn’t for you.

One Elsberry, Mo., woman complained to the BBB that the company promises big financial gains, but:

“if you do not purchase anything, it is impossible to make any money from them. I would just like to receive the refund they promised without having to jump through hoops to get it.”

I have a problem with internet marketers who don’t offer value up-front to establish trust. I think that if you trust that your product is good you can offer the whole product and not just a fraction of it to make people pay more good money to “advance” to the next part. This just tells me that your product sucks, you realize it, and you won’t make anything with your other crappy products. You consider this all you have to offer that is of value.

The Goods And Not-So Goods

What I Liked

  •  Inspiring videos with some good talking points
  • The Weekly Radio Broadcasts

What I Didn’t Like

Who isThe MOBE 21 Step System For?

People are different and have different skill sets and the MOBE system is NOT for everybody. So let’s get into who this is for. Let me first ask you:

“What are you doing currently, and how is your mindset?”

Are you working in the corporate field? Maybe you are wearing a suit, joining in the rush hour traffic, and working for a boss you don’t care for. You probably do this because you have the mindset that you need to work so many hours and if you do a paycheck will be there after the week.

Maybe you are a factory worker. That is what I do and am trying to change that, but that’s another subject. Anyway, you do that to get your 40 hours in so you get paid a meager check. That means that you make money as long as you can put in the hours, but what if something happens where you can’t work anymore? That would be bad news bears, wouldn’t it?

In order to succeed in starting your own business, you need to get rid of this mindset that says you have to trade your time for money.

If you have this mindset deeply ingrained, then I would try adopting a different mindset. Try to create something that can let you make “Passive Income.” Passive income means something like creating a website, information product, or other product that you can make sells off of whether you are working or deciding to lounge at the pool.

You really only have to work part-time hours once a real online business is set up. You do a lot of work upfront, but once you are ranked in Google you can cut back on the hours. It’s pretty nice!

I’m letting you know now that if you don’t get rid of this idea of trading time for money then the MOBE System won’t work for you. I don’t honestly think it’s the best system out there anyway, but it can work a lot better if you think in terms of earning money passively instead of actively.

One good thing that MOBE trains you on is how to promote big-ticket items(high price means high commissions) so your efforts at building your business are worth it. I really agree with that as long as you offer a lot of value upfront and gain trust first. It is often just as easy to sell something for $10,000 as it is a$10 product. People who like the idea of promoting big-ticket items using paid ads to help keep their business running smoothly would be a great fit for this company.

Do They Have Any Helpful Tools?

They are intentionally vague in how to make their system work for you. They also reveal nothing until you pay more money to advance your education(if you would call it that). So it seems there isn’t much in the way of helping you if you only paid the initial $69.95. You get a personal coach and he/she has to unlock the next set of vids for you. Shady Shady Shady! Oh, I almost forgot. There is one thing that they consider the secret sauce.

The Secret Ingredient-The Tactical Triangle

There is a brief, 10-minute video introducing you to the tactical triangle which tells you online businesses typically focus on 3 things:

  1. TrafficSelecting a  niche, promoting their webpage and convincing other people to visit it
  2. Conversions– Inviting their visitors to interact with them by asking questions, turning them into potential prospects
  3. Sales-Following up on these prospects to turn them into a sale

They go on to say that this approach is just a recipe for disaster. This is because they are apparently missing the 4th ingredient to add to the mix. MOBE’s system even declares that if you follow this approach then you actually have everything backward.

Spoiler Alert! The tactical triangle involves focusing on the price first, applying something called the 80/20 rule, and replacing the word profits with economics. They’re going to shut me down for sure on this one.

A Closer Look At The Tactical Triangle

Firstly, we go to this looking at price first principle. If you do any affiliate marketing you do want a product to promote that will generate a good commision per sale. I wasn’t aware this was some big secret. Fake News!

Secondly, when they say the word economics what they mean is profit after all expenses. This is not the actual definition of economics though. They should buy a dictionary. Surely they can afford to by selling their overpriced pay-to-play system.

The 80/20 principle says that 20% of your prospects are responsible for 80% of your success. This would make sense if you sell someone a product that actually solves a problem or fulfills a need then they will be much more likely buy from you again. They trust you. Sound advice that has been around for a long time. Nothing new though.

MOBE 21 Step And MTTB Support

The support in this system is not very good in my opinion. You have the 21 Steps that can only be unlocked at certain points by your coach. The coach’s only concern seems to be convincing you to pay more money so he or she isn’t really that helpful toward you. Kind of a conflict of interest don’t you think?

Price: Astronomical!

MOBE Is A Rip-Off
MOBE Will Empty Your Pockets Most Likely

Along with the $68.95 and the monthly fee of $49.95, this company really endorses paid advertising over first trying to acquire free organic results. So it would cost you a bundle to use this system and not just the price of the program itself which has several upsells on your way to MOBE success.

Is Affiliate Marketing Deads Final Opinion of MOBE MTTB 21 Step System

I joined this 21 Steps a few years back and went through a few videos before being asked to fork over a thousand dollars to continue on. When they did this I knew something didn’t sit right. I listened to my gut and cut them off. Best decision EVER!

I have read that a lot of scammy companies do this sales funnel and they pull all the stops.

They give you a countdown clock saying if you don’t purchase within the time limit the price goes up drastically. This is a lie. You can come back in a week and the price hasn’t changed.

They sell you a product for around $10 which is something called a forgettable price. You’re not going to break the bank spending $10, at least most of us won’t. Then comes the $100 here and $200 there upsells to complete your training. You should get all the training you need in the initial product. Would you buy an appliance that only worked partially, or they charged you another 200 dollars to make it work right? I don’t think so!

MOBE at a Glance…

Name: Mobe MTTB and 21 Step System
Owner: Matt Lloyd
Price: $68.95 + $49.95 and upsell up to $64,000
Is Affiliate Marketing Deads Overall Scam Rank:30 out of 100


These guys say that the old way of selecting a niche, promoting it through blog posts and social media, and attaining traffic is backward. I’ll say that is just silly. Don’t believe me? Let me prove it to you that it actually works by visiting my #1 recommendation for online business.

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  1. I for one can definitely say that MOBE is a scam. Back in 2014 I tried it as an investigation into its legitimacy. A friend was thinking of joining but wasn’t sure because it sounded too good to be true. He asked me what I thought, so I joined.

    At first it started out good but then after all of the lofty claims I was asked to pay $1,997 in addition to the initial $49 I paid to join. Before paying the initial fee Matt Lloyd said in the video that all I needed to pay to learn the MOBE secret was $49 and there was a no-risk money back guarantee.

    All of his original claims to get me to join did not come true and all I kept seeing were videos that would pump a person up but provide NO QUALITY information into how I would make money. It was nothing more than a way to suck more money out of me, which I quickly refused.

    I tried getting a refund but they kept saying I didn’t go far enough in the training to qualify. I never got back my money and I could tell just by that, that MOBE is a scam. – And guess what? Now the FTC has shut them down for being an internet marketing scam.

    1. It’s kind of funny that I wrote this scathing review almost right before they were shut down. They just kept asking for more money to continue on the training. I’m glad those hucksters are out for good. Matt Lloyd deserves prison time. Thanks for the comment

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