How I Feel About Online Businesses With Poor Customer Service

How I Feel About Online Businesses With Poor Customer Service

A help desk is a source of information where somebody is hired to help the customer or End User with support and information about a company product or service. You see help desks at most physical businesses too that deal with retail. Your local library even has a help desk. So shouldn’t all online businesses have one too?

You would think that all online companies’ have a support desk that you can go to ask your perplexing questions if you get stuck. Unfortunately, this has been proven not to be the case. What brings this written post up is that I did an article about a month back abut online transcription jobs. Transcribing is where you take an audio or video file and type it out into digital format. Someone doing a review of one of these companies’ said they did not have a support desk.

Most people can’t succeed at any work from home business without at least a little bit of support. If a business want’s to be considered legitimate and not a scam, then they should be hiring some customer service reps anyway! Don’t you agree?

Some Companies With Minimal Support

The transcription company that I rant about above is called TranscribeMe! and apparently, they don’t have a support desk! This is unheard of! This is only speculation people have made since they never get a response whenever they send a question there. Either they don’t have a support desk or the one they got isn’t operating very well. Either way-it’s bad.

According to,

New research says that 21% of companies’ fail to respond to live chat requests.

That’s huge because a lot of potential sales could hinge on that call being taken.

Some examples of big companies’ who suck online:

An Unhappy Customer

Best Buy– You love the store itself. When you go in you are like a kid in a candy store browsing around looking at all the cool gadgets and gizmos. The online shop, however, isn’t as good. One visit to their website kept on popping up a survey every time I searched. You never know if it’s going to work fine or just blow up on you. They just seem so unreliable from time to time. Get Geek Squad on it Best Buy!

One woman reviewer said that her order went through fine with them, or so she thought, then discovered they charged her twice.

Time-Warner Cable- One online reviewer wrote that Time Warner Cable has no customer service. Their employees are apparently rude and condescending. This reviewer also says that she thinks that that is because their phones are constantly ringing off the hook for terrible service complaints.

That right there tells me why I don’t know anyone who has Time Warner service in my area. Do you know anyone who has it? Anyone?

Tractor Supply Company- This is one of the worst excuses for a poor functioning website and is poor customer service in a way. It doesn’t work at all on the tablet anyway

My dad is a frequent customer of their actual store, so while he is at home he tries to access their website on his tablet and they are often down. He is a technophobe baby-boomer so when he can’t get it to work you can guess who gets the honor of looking at the tablet. Yours truly. I have gone from a saint to a sinner pretty quick trying to get this back up and running believe me.

Their site seems to work on laptops and desktop computers fine, but I think it’s their site isn’t formatted for the tablet yet. The only page that I get when I type their actual URL into the tablet address bar is the dreaded “This Page Cannot Be Displayed” page. Annoying, right?

I all fairness the tablet is a fairly new type technology and many smaller companies’ don’t have the financial fortitude to update to this new format. Since Tractor Supply has many chain stores around you would think that they would though. But I digress.

Work At Home Business Ops With Poor Support

Now let’s talk about the internet business scammers who have terrible support. I always thought the upsell was bad customer service from the get-go. Some people compare the upsell to McDonald’s saying “You want fries with that”? but that’s only if the fries cost ten times as much as the burger.

What makes it worse is the upsell is often the support desk. They’ll give you the tools to create your business-that parts cheap. They then say”would you like support with that?” -that will be $300. Support should come with the product-don’t you agree? And the first product should answer all your questions with no need of additional products.

If they try to upsell you instantly for a better product upfront that means that the initial $10-20 item is garbage. You wouldn’t buy a car and get charged extra for the wheels would you- this is the same thing.

The Who’s Who Of The Business Scam World

Here’s the list of shame, the top 5 here are actually being sued by the Federal Trade Commission:

  • Amazon Wealth Systems
  • FBA Stores
  • Insider Online Secrets
  • Online Auction Learning Center
  • Online Seller
  • Empower Network(gone bankrupt, thank goodness!)

Reasons Why A Support Desk Is Important

A support desk should be a well-oiled machine equipped with knowledgeable and friendly staff ready to answer uncertain customers questions. It is clearly an advantage to a company bottom line as these support employees will sometimes be the last contact people will make before pressing that buy button.

What if Amazon didn’t have a help desk?

If you were thinking about buying a refrigerator just for an example. This is a big ticket item and you want to be sure of your purchase.

You might have questions to ask like:

  • Is this fridge model reliable?
  • Have there been recalls?
  • Is the installation free or is there a fee?
  • What does this measurement mean?
  • Is it Energy Compliant?

One problem: There isn’t a customer service button to push. You don’t have anywhere to click on that website to get some questions answered. Would you still buy there? Would Amazon even exist without good quality customer service? I think Amazon wouldn’t have turned into the gigantic billion-dollar success that it is without this great customer service model that they have. What do you think?

There Are Many Online Businesses That Have Excellent Support

The majority of companies’ have a good online presence. I always thought it strange that Best Buy struggles with their website since computers are one of the main big-ticket items they sell. With Amazon taking a lot of companies’ share of the profits big box stores should be trying like crazy to get their online presence up to snuff.





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