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About Randall

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Hi there, welcome to my site. You will find out about what my site can do for your life when you read below. Do you ever dream of making a living on your couch with a computer, a chair, and an internet connection? I am still learning, but I can tell you how many people, including me, have made a money-making website.

A Little Story About Me


I am not anyone special. There is the high school education I have which I suppose puts me ahead of some in that regard. I am currently working full-time with this as a side-project. I enjoy it though. Writing is fun for me and this brings in some extra perks like having extra money of course, but also knowing that if my job doesn’t work out or I get laid off I won’t be hurting too much.

If I was to lose my job today, then it would just be an opportunity to work more on my site. What is it that There is the? It’s called affiliate marketing and it’s something I am thrilled to be doing. It is a way to make an extra or even a full-time income wherever you are.

What affiliate marketing is making a website, getting permission from companies to promote their products on your website, and then earn a commission whenever someone makes a purchase on your site. Simple.


First off, The competition for this business model isn’t too steep because there are billions of users on the world wide web, so it’s not like I would be hurting myself telling you about it. I would actually like helping to pull someone out of their killer 9-5.

It would feel like I did a great justice if I help you have financial freedom, traveling freedom, time, and peace of mind. That last one, peace of mind, should actually be your ultimate goal. That lets you like where you are headed and know you will reach where you are going.

I would get part of this peace of mind by leading people to a place where they can learn to be their own boss. It’s not easy and there is quite a bit of work and elbow grease to getting there, but it’s worth it in my opinion.


The year I started was 2013. I sat down and wanted to just watch some brainless YouTube videos. I saw a video on YouTube promoting making money from home. I don’t remember by whom, but wish I did. That video changed my course. It told me to go to a certain website and there was FREE training, FREE websites, and FREE support for 7 days so I could ask some questions and investigate. What did I have to lose? It was free.


I’m not going to tell you that this was my first crack at owning my own business. I tried the Herbalife multi-level marketing which was disappointing. They make their money by recruiting others into the business, not product sales. (scam)

I can’t even remember a legitimate work-from-home opportunity until I found the company I recommend now. They give you 2 free websites you can play around with to get some practice on. They also have an extremely helpful community that actually wants you to succeed.


My Past Caught Up To Me & Paid Me $1828.05. No, I don't have a criminal past lol. When I refer to the past here I'm talking about an article I wrote back in August 22,2017 that has earned me $1828.05 this year SO FAR!


$1,400 Commission On One WA Sale! I have promoted WA on and off since 2007 for different reasons. Those of you who know my "online story" know that I've been up and down, failed and got back up and took every failure as a lesson.

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